Kustom Amplification
KSC 215H

The Kustom KSC 215H offers professional performance for demanding environments where the sound needs to shine. Just wait until you hear how these speaker cabinets handle demanding signals such as drum kits, vocals and keyboards! Pro-quality sound at a price that mere mortals can afford.

The KSC 215H features two 15-inch Special Design Kustom P.A. speakers that deliver punchy, room-filling sounds with a clarity that has to be heard to be believed. The low-end is amazing. Treble frequencies are reproduced via a compression horn with a one-inch exit. A real compression driver like this provides high output, a smooth crossover point and a flat, high-fidelity response curve. The result is stunning articulation.

Wait until you hear your band's music coming out of these speaker cabinets. Every sound is reproduced accurately and with chest-rattling power.
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