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The Deep End® DE100-115 bass combo combines classic, punchy tube amp tones and touch with the robust articulation of solid-state power amp design. With Tube Gain control, players can drive the tube preamp to elicit natural tube overload in varying degrees. From funky clean to mean and aggressive, the Deep End tube preamp has it covered. 

What is Organic Clipping?
The DE100 delivers 100 watts (RMS) of defined, articulate power. And when cranked up, its exclusive Organic ClippingTM power amp circuit reacts like an all-tube amp, generating lower order, musical harmonics and natural clipping characteristics just like the best all-tube designs. It’s the classic power amp “growl” that bass players know and love, with a smooth transition from clean to grind. 
Another benefit of the Organic Clipping circuit is that a power amp limiter is no longer needed. Many amp builders use heavy power amp limiting to prevent unpleasant distortion characteristics typically generated when solid-state circuits are pushed hard. Organic ClippingTM makes limiting unnecessary because when the amp is cranked up, it overloads with the same tonality as a tube amp. There is also more usable volume on tap, so you can get louder while pushing the amp further into distortion. 

What is Room EQ? 
In addition to a classic, passive tone stack consisting of Bass, Mid and Treble controls, the DE100 features an innovative new approach to solving EQ issues quickly and effectively. Called Room EQ, it consists of Low Contour and High Contour controls, each solving the most common tonal problems that bassists encounter when performing. 

For example, the High Contour control can reduce ear-fatiguing treble peaks that often occur when a room or venue has hard reflections or be used to reduce treble presence or “sizzle” when required. Low Contour can be used to provide low-end definition in  a large, boomy room or function as a shelving control when pronounced low-end cuts are needed. 

Using both Room EQ controls, players can dial in the EQ structure that works most effectively in any given performance environment. 

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