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The Kustom® KG100FX112 is a classic, 100-watt guitar combo amp. It provides two channels (Rhythm and Lead), digital effects and a single 12-inch Kustom speaker.

The KG100FX112 Rhythm channel offers clear, dynamic tones that are perfect for a wide variety of musical styles. Using the Gain control, the Lead channel can dish out anything from chunky Classic Rock sounds to the heaviest, scooped Metal tones out there. Separate Bass, Middle and Treble controls let players fine-tune the tonal response as required.

The KG100FX112 provides built-in Reverb, Delay and Chorus effects that may be activated on the amp’s front panel. Reverb can provide anything from subtle room ambiance to an all-out wash of cavernous sound. Delay is perfect for fattening up lead tones, especially when combined with distortion. Chorus adds a shimmering, liquid-like quality to the sound, especially with arpeggiated chords.

Like all KG amps, the KG100FX112 offers an auxiliary input for plugging in an MP3 or CD player to practice along with tunes and a 1/8-inch headphone input. Using headphones, you can silently jam along with recordings, have all of your tone and effects, and not disturb anyone in the process!

An Effects Loop with Send and Return jacks provides flexibility for integrating external effects and processors. A Speaker jack allows the use of external cabinets.

When the KG100FX112 is used with a dual-function footswitch, channel-switching and a “hidden” volume boost feature may be activated. The boost is perfect for making solos stand out in a band mix. (Note: The Kustom KACFS201 footswitch may be used for this application.)

All KG Series amplifiers provide a five-year, transferable electronics warranty to give buyers extra piece of mind with their purchase.

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