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Kustom proudly introduces the second generation of acclaimed High Voltage (HV™) hybrid tube amplifiers. The new HV100THD represents the top-of-the-line High Voltage™ amplifier. One hundred watts of output power provides tight, high-volume tube tone with total control.

But the heart of the HV100THD is its 12AX7 tube preamp. To maximize the tube’s distinctive audio characteristics and dynamic range, the HV preamp circuit operates at higher voltage levels. The resulting tone is rich, dynamic and loaded with harmonic content.

The HV100THD offers a two-channel layout, each with Gain and Master Volume controls. This Dual Master system provides natural tube overdrive and compression on both channels and it’s great for dialing in medium-gain tones with ease. But when you’re ready for gain, stand back, because this amp brings it with a vengeance. From singing lead tones to heavy grinding rhythms, it’s all inside.

And when you crank the HV Master Volume controls, Kustom’s exclusive Organic Clipping™ power amp circuit reacts like an all-tube amp, generating lower order, musical harmonics and natural clipping characteristics. It’s the classic power amp “growl” that guitarists know and love, with a smooth transition from clean to grind.

Tone controls consist of passive Bass, Middle and Treble controls on both channels that are the same specification as those found on Kustom’s award-winning, all-tube Coupe® amplifiers.

The Speaker-Emulated Direct Out and variable, footswitchable Volume Boost are also borrowed from the Coupe™. The Boost is a cool feature in itself, allowing players to dial in the perfect volume level for solos – whether clean or dirty – and then activate this boost using the optional HV footswitch.

The icing on the cake is the 24-Bit Digital Multi-Effects System. It provides 16 high-fidelity, semi-programmable effects with increased flexibility thanks to Tap or Toggle functions for each effect, letting players fine-tune their choices. For example, Delay times, Reverb tails and Tremolo speeds can all be tapped to desired settings. Alternately, the Rotary speaker can be tapped between speeds and the Octave selection can be toggled to choose Octave Up or Octave Down.

The optional HV footswitch can switch between channels, activate the built-in effects or turn the Boost on or off. A second “momentary” footswitch may be used for Tap or Toggle functions.

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