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Defender V50

Defender® V50 guitar amplifiers are perfect for guitarists who won’t settle for anything less than the very best all-tube tones. At the heart of the V50 are EL34 power tubes that provide defined lows, rich aggressive mids and a sweet top end that cuts through the mix but is never harsh. When partnered with venerable Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers and a cabinet made with quality plywood, you get an amplifier that sings and screams with unrivaled authority.

The V50 is a two-channel design, each with its own Master Volume control that lets users dial in anything from chunky, medium-gain sounds to scorching, full-on heavy tones. Furthermore, each Volume control has its own Pull Bright function that tightens the low-end and extends the hi-end: perfect for articulate high-gain tones. Bass, Middle and Treble controls provide full tone-shaping capabilities.

The V50 also provides luscious spring Reverb with its own Tone control: a classic Kustom feature from the 1960s. From spacious to cavernous, it’s your choice!

And when it’s time for the gig or the studio, the V50’s Speaker-Emulated XLR Direct Out totally nails the amp’s overall sound for mixers. A variable, footswitch-able Volume Boost that works on either channel makes solos – or those quick fills – stand out in the mix.

A 3-function Kustom footswitch enables users to switch channels, turn the boost on or off, and activate effects.  

Simply put, the Defender V50 has tones, style and performance that will blow you away.

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