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Expanding its U.S. tube amplifier line, Kustom™ proudly introduces the Double Cross™, a world-class, all-tube, 3-channel guitar head. Designed by noted amp builder James Brown, the 100-watt Double Cross boldly redefines high-gain guitar amplification with a broad spectrum of stunning new tones and user-modified features.

The Double Cross platform consists of three distinctively voiced channels: Rhythm, Lead I and Lead II. Each Lead channel can be modified by users via four separate function switches which are located at the four end points of a "Cross" design on the control panel. These switches are not simply EQ parameters: instead, each uniquely blends additional 12Ax7 tube stages, letting players actually alter the Gain/EQ/Attack structure of their preamps - modifications usually not offered to consumers unless they take their amplifier to a knowledgeable technician to be permanently "modded."

In general, the two Lead channels are voiced differently, with Lead I catering to a modern heavy tone and Lead II crafted for a more tradtional, high-gain "cranked amp" lead tone.

The four switches on each Cross are: (1) Bright: which alters the tone to enhance high-end response and tighten the low-end; (2) Gain: which boosts the preamp gain; (3) Tight Stage: which adds chunky, vintage-style gain like a classic amp when fully cranked; (4) Thick Stage: which offers rich, aggressive tonal qualities with complex harmonic content. These four functions may be activated, omitted and blended in any combination to create a wider choice of tones than any other high-gain amp on the market.

"Having worked on high-gain amps for years, I always noticed how adding more gain usually causes so much compression that you lose all your dynamics and note definition," explains James Brown.  "Although the Double Cross offers tremendous amounts of gain and distortion, it adds the extra tubes in a new way that doesn't change your dynamics or sacrifice the touch sensitivity, regardless of the amp's settings."

All three channels of the Double Cross provide separate Gain and Volume controls - a standard Kustom feature - as well as independent Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls. There is also a global Master Volume and a Boost Volume control that can be activated with the Double Cross's 5-function metal footswitch (included).

A speaker cabinet-emulated Direct Out, drawn from Kustom's Coupe Series amplifiers, has evolved to offer two signal options: (1) the tonal coloration provided by a Slant-style 4x12 cabinet or (2) the distinct sound of a Straight-style 4x12. The rich, punchy tone of Kustom's D.I. signal has been revered by professional musicians and is now even better.

Special features include an all-tube, footswitchable effects loop, a 6L6 / EL34 bias switch for changing output tube types, a Tight input jack that tightens the attack response of the entire amplifier, and a 5-function footswitch that activates each channel, the Boost function, and the effects loop.

MIDI Capable!

The Double Cross's footswitch functions can be activated by sending MIDI patch changes to its MIDI IN.  Programming is simple.....plug in your MIDI footswitch(or cable from effects device), send a patch number change, footswitch the Double Cross as required, and Press & Hold the MIDI Save button on the back of the amp.  From then on, the amp will return to this footswitch setting whenever it receives this particular patch change.  And the amp's regular footswitch can still be used, too!
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