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Jon Hopp
My Heart Remains

In 2003, as fingers hit the strings an inseparable relationship was spawned right then and there for bassist Jon Hopp of My Heart Remains. With the current release of their Savior EP, Jon has explored a new range of techniques and tones to produce the full body sound of My Heart Remains. “I was always accustom to using 215 cabinets, but the moment I played on the Kustom Deep End Series 810 cab I had to have one…or two.” Jon always took pride in the depth, and clarity of his bass tone, and that didn’t stop when he started using the Deep End 810. My Heart Remains puts four on the floor and adds some groove to get that signature, yet familiar rock sound. When it comes to the incredible tone and quaking sound of the Kustom Deep End Series 810 bass cabinet it doesn’t matter if the venue is big or small, the bass will Come Alive!

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