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Kustom Amplification is proud to announce that guitarists Sparky Voyles and Mark Kloeppel of Misery Index are now using Double Cross® all-tube amp heads both on tour and in the studio. The group is known for its intense form of metal with a grind approach, mixed with aspects of hardcore and extreme punk. The Double Cross powers the band’s punishing assault with its high-gain attack, but with the articulation required to be heard in the venue’s last row.

"The Double Cross has enough crunch and clarity for my needs live and in the studio," says Mark. “The heads are really great in the studio and we love using them live. The speaker-emulated D.I. is awesome in both applications.”

Sparky offers this brief instruction: “Go metal thrashing mad with the Double Cross."

Double Cross heads provide three, all-tube channels and 100 watts of output power from six 6L6 power tubes. It’s called the Double Cross because each Lead channel features a Cross icon with four switches mounted at the four ends of the Cross. Each switch blends various stages of 12AX7 tubes to deliver the gain and attack characteristics desired by the player. In essence, every guitarist can now “mod” their own amplifier to personalize their signature tone.

Sparky and Mark both utilize the Double Cross heads with Kustom Coupe® 412 speaker cabinets, loaded with Celestion® Vintage 30™ speakers. These cabinets are cut from a single sheet of virtually void-free Baltic Birch plywood: the best available. By building the cabinet from a single sheet of wood, there is uniformity to its density. This uniformity helps the finished cabinet resonate as a single unit, resulting in a stronger fundamental tone.

Misery Index recorded its most recent album, “Traitors” (Relapse) in 2008. This year (2009), the group is scheduled to perform in Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Spain and France.

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