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Tanner Owings

Hailing from the modern metal capitol of Orlando Florida, Indorphine has established itself as one of the most unique and fresh bands to grace the heavy music scene in years. With their DIY attitude, a live show that will both take your head off and blind you with superb musicianship, and an eclectic mix of musical styles that includes metal, hardcore, southern rock, punk and everything else that is heavy and good, Indorphine is opening eyes and ears throughout the music industry.

Bass player Tanner Owings has chosen Kustom Amplification to help achieve his unique sounds. Tanner is abusing the Kustom Groove 1200 bass head (1,200 watts of solid state power) and the Kustom Groove 810H cabinet (loaded with eight 10-inch custom designed Eminence® speakers).

"My rig has tons of power AND tone," says Tanner. "I’ve used it every night on every tour since I got it and it’s been amazing for every show. The bass players from the other bands that we play with are always asking me about my Kustom rig because they love the sound."

"When I finally got to see Indorphine live I was totally blown away," says Ted Burger – Artist Relations Manager for Kustom Amplification. "I see bands all the time but these guys blew me away with their musicianship, their songwriting and the sheer power of the sound that was coming off the stage. It's so nice when I get to see a band that not only puts on a great show but actually knows how to impress you with their musical abilities. We're proud to have them on board using Kustom."

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