Kustom Amplification

Deadstar Assembly
Dreggs, Dearborn and Dro

Gear: QUAD 200 HD; QUAD 412 Speaker Cabinets; Groove 1200 HD; Groove 410H Speaker Cabinets

"It's hard to imagine playing shows without my Kustom setup. A solid rig that out-performs any other amp I've tried. Superior tone and quality that's now the foundation to my sound" -- Dreggs

"When I found out that the Kustom Quad 200 HD Amplifier had a BIGGER BALLS option, that to me was extremely intriguing! It lives up to its name and packs a cutting edge punch... the sound is that good!" -- Dearborn

Sunny South Florida has a dark side...Deadstar Assembly; a troupe of musical avant-gardes who float like demented seraphim and deliver a sinister sound that burns. Five sonically innovative "fallen angels" injecting chaos straight into the vein. DSA's poisonous blend of death/pop industrial rock is setting the underground scene ablaze with its lethal dose of crunch guitars, intoxicating synth and sneering attitude. A primal soul scorching nightmare machine built for speed, DSA is quickly becoming crowned the new anti-mainstream.

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