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Kustom® Amplification is proud to announce that CJ Pierce, guitarist for the Texas-based hard rock/metal quartet
Drowning Pool, is officially endorsing and using Kustom all-tube heads and Kustom cabinets exclusively.

Drowning Pool experienced a meteoric rise in 2001 with the release of their first album Sinner which spawned the huge single “Bodies.” Within six months of its release Sinner was certified Platinum. The band enjoyed great success on the Ozzfest Tour in 2001 and by 2002 they were invited to join Ozzfest as a main stage band. As fate would have it, just as the band was reaching the level of success they had always strived for, tragedy struck when singer Dave Williams passed away of a rare heart disease during the tour.

The band pushed forward with replacement singer Jason Jones and the release of their second album Desensitized in 2004. Unfortunately the album didn’t achieve the success of Sinner and internal difficulties brought on the departure of Jones by June 2005. The following month the band announced that their old friend and former Soil front man Ryan McCombs would take over the lead vocal spot.

With a new label, new management and new album Full Circle released in August 2007, the band has gone back to hitting the road with a vengeance. To aid in his brutal guitar attack CJ has chosen the power, tone and reliability of the Kustom Hardtop™ amp head (72-watt, all-tube) created by legendary amp designer James Brown and Kustom PRO 412 cabinets (classic all-wood cabinet loaded with Celestion™ G12P80 speakers). With a stage rig of several heads and six 4x12 cabinets, CJ is taking the heads off of the first few rows every night.

“I had never played through a Kustom amp before but I knew about the history of James Brown and the killer tube amps he had designed in the past,” says CJ. “When I tried out the Kustom Hardtop heads for the first time they just blew my head off. They had more than enough gain, power and tone to handle what I need in a live rig. Almost every night I have kids coming up to me after the show telling me how great my tone is and asking me what I’m using. I love my wall of Kustom amps!”

“It’s great having a guy like CJ out there cranking the Kustom Hardtop heads every night and showing just how chunky and powerful they really are,” says Ted Burger, Artist Relations Manger for Kustom Amplification. “ I think he might have underestimated how much gain he would be able to get out of those heads and yet still maintain a great overall tone when he first tried it out. I know he’s a convert now! It’s so cool to see a wall of Kustom heads and cabs on his side of the stage every night.”

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